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Hugo Salas (born March 29,1986), also known as Joshy Tripp and Alto y Fino, is a Salvadorian and Guatemalan singer and songwriter. Salas was born in Dorchester, MA, to a Salvadorian Father and Guatemalan Mother. He came from a Mid-Class family and was raised in the city of Dorchester, MA. Joshy Tripp was inspired by music at a young age, leading him to want to become a rapper and loved to dance.  Growing up, he would like to rap in school with his friends. He enjoyed playing sports and played basketball for his High school Blue Hills Regional and soccer.  Joshy Tripp grew up listening to traditional Latin genres, such as reggaeton, merengue, and bachata. His music passion derived from several reggaeton artists who influenced him like Ivy Queen, Baby Rasta, Cosculluela, and Daddy Yankee. He also enjoyed Hip-Hip artists Chris Cross, Biggie smalls, Tupac.

In 2019 Joshy Tripp decided to follow his dream of becoming an artist. His very first single as an independent artist was "Viajando Contigo." He has persisted in working continuously by emulating his influencers' who inspired him, challenging himself to create more music and be known. Later in 2019, he made his second record, "Vivo mi Vida," published on all digital platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify and others. In early 2020, he had collaborated with Vinny Rivera on the song "Suavecito" that dropped in February of 2020, where many famous producers liked the song. Since their single together on May 8, 2020, "La Vida Es Corta," he collaborated with singer Juanki Santana. Joshy Tripp had his very first live performance experience at Rhino Lounge in Waltham, MA.

Joshy Tripp has collaborated with Carlitos Rossy in a few songs that are currently underway. He has successfully completed three music videos with the creative director, MIWAY Films, a creative director in Miami. In September 2020, Joshy signed a publishing deal with EQS Latin Music Management.

Joshy has many projects that he is working on and is entirely devoted to his music career to deliver great music and continue doing what he loves.

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