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DerekVinci Remix

The Code Breaker DerekVinci returns to his roots of being a DJ and remixing Mr. Don’s latest Bachata hit “Mariposas”. The original “Mariposas” song was released back in February 14 of 2023 in the tradition of Mr. Don releasing for Valentine’s Day. In the pass his hit single “Bypass” and “Mañana featuring Dj Khalid were also released during the Valentine’s Day holiday. The original song “Mariposas” is now close to the million streams, million views and is being danced all over the world. The success of the Bachata hit “Mariposas” prompted DerekVinci to remix it. “It was fun to reimagine this song speeding it up for the dancers and adding edits to push the energy of the track” says DerekVinci who produced the original track as well. Using his team of musicians DerekVinci has develop a sound that listeners and dancers enjoy and love around the world. “Mariposas DerekVinci Remix” is now available on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned to Mr. Don’s new single “Adios” appearing DerekVinci and Dj Khaid. “Adios” will feature 6 versions including another DerekVinci remix. EQS MUSICA is preparing to release over 40 new Bachatas in 2024.

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