EQS Management was founded in Boston, Ma in 1998 by Audio Engineer Derek Deler, who as of 2006 has been operating his company from beautiful sunny Florida. EQS Management represents Latin artist in the following genres; Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Latin Pop, and Urban Latin. Not only is EQS a management company, proudly networking with the Latin Music movement worldwide but the EQS Head Quarters offer an incredible wide range of industry in-house services which upcoming as well as established talent, can access:


  • Music Production

  • Photo/Video Shoots

  • Radio/TV Marketing & Promotion

  • Event Bookings

  • Publicist & Road Management

  • Social Media & Graphic Design



EQS looks forward to represent you in the Latin Music Industry.

Are you really trying to have a musical career or is this just a hobby?


"EQS Artist Development" it's for artist like you with a lot of talent but need to develop a product.


EQS will create and develop a complete plan for your musical career. Everything strategically planed to allow you the best possibility at success.


Give us your vision along with your budget, and EQS will design a tailored plan for your individual product.


EQS will be your temporary manager and while in the process of your development all of my contacts will have access to your material.


You need to develop your career? It happens to many of the people I work with, they have talent, but no direction.


Your budget clearly depends on what you want to accomplish.


We can create a plan based on your budget. Depending on your budget the more elaborate I can develop your project.


We have been doing this professionally for a long time, and we notice many people who don't have a clue but think they do. They have potential, good ideas and some money, but no direction.  “It's always the same thing an expensive hobby.”



The Development process starts with a questionnaire that will help EQS determine your visions and expectations.



The EQS Development Process



  • Album or Project concepts

  • Song selection/titles - Selecting songs in your range and style

  • Recording budget, arrangements, production, musicians, & studio

  • Featuring’s

  • Preparing for recording vocals

  • Mixing down

  • Mastering

  • Registering with the copyright office, BDS, Mediabase



  • Concepts, clothing styles that work best with your project

  • Preparation: Getting in shape, studying others to pick look and feel

  • Pictures, pro images/Artist look

  • Graphics: Touching up pictures, sizing images for specific applications

  • Artist Name, Album Name

  • Music video – Treatment, cast, locations, editing



  • Plan according to your genre - budgeting

  • Social networks

  • Email blast

  • Radio plays, interviews

  • TV – interviews, video rotation

  • Websites that work for your product

  • Song Placement

  • XM and Sirius

  • Publicist



  • Contracts

  • Rider – main points and necessities

  • Choosing a booking agent exclusive Vs. Nonexclusive

  • Developing markets

  • Double/triple city tours

  • Promo Vs. paid shows

  • Budgeting





Tel: 617-510-4233


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