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Music Consulting:


EQS specializes in the presentation of your music product. We offer specific strategic growth for developing Artists. As your consultant we cater to your certain needs in order to advance your product. EQS will assist in creating a personalized step-by-step timeline to maximize your time and money.

Music Placement:


Placing a song in film, TV, or a commercial is a great way to earn royalties for any writer or music composer.

Artist or Band BIO’s & Press Release:


Every Artist and Band needs a well written BIO and Press Release. By gathering basic information and details our team can write a tailor made BIO or Press Release that will boost interest from magazines, websites, blogs and other important media outlets.

EQS Publishing:


A music publisher is responsible for guaranteeing the songwriters and composers payment when their compositions are used commercially. Increasing royalties from all your music supports your project in many ways. It helps when you can collect from all sources to continue to invest in yourself.

Social Media Marketing:


Managing social media for an artist is challenging without significant thought and research. Social media has become a fundamental part of every effective campaign and it requires the person on the team of an artist’s marketing campaign to be well versed not just in social media, but also in all aspects of marketing.

EQS works directly with the Artist to create custom social media concepts that can boost quality followers and supporters, while assuring that campaigns increase any investments.  

EQS Music Production:



 We produce quality music. EQS Produces industry standard quality by using great musicians, top of the line audio equipment, the experience and understanding of what your personal project should sound like.


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Derek Deler

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