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Born August 8th 1995 Johandy Diaz is a singer/song writer from Dominican Republic. When Johandy was 7 years old he decided to start signing in church and he felt instantly passionately connected to bringing others joy with his voice. At the age of 9 he won some of the most prestigious singing competitions in his native city Santiago, such as Bellas Artes and Colegio Madre Teresa, this inspired Johandy to continue on his path in music. In 2008 Johandy moved to the US with his parents. Johandy struggled to learn English and fit it with his kids his own age, he was bullied in school during his 8th grade year but that did not stop his passion for performing. He quickly realized his peace came from being involved with music. While in High School Johandy decided to take a chance to sing in Spanish at a school show where he was the only on not singing in English, and received a standing ovation including wining best performance.  Since high school Johandy has been writing songs and performing all over. In the past two years he has achieved international success with his songs. Under EQS Musica Johandy has released multiple singles that have gained the world's attention. The Bachata cover "Perfect" by Johandy hit #20 on Spain’s Spotify most streamed songs. He has also been added to Spotify’s top Bachata playlists like Bachata Lovers, Onda Tropicales and Bachata Risings with over 2 million followers. Johandy was also chosen to be part of the show "THE FOUR" where he competed in Los Angeles. In 2018 he won 2 awards Best Bachata Artist  and Best Pop Artist presented by Premios Latin Boston USA, for the second consecutive year. Currently he is working with some of the best DJ's of Latin Music in Europe like Dj Khalid, Dj Alexio, Dj Ryan Miles and many more. In 2019 Johandy is preparing to release many more Bachata records and tour Europe.

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Fazer Falta Bachata Johandy
Johandy Perfect Bachata color
Como te olvido
Mistletoe real
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