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"Breaking the Code: The Life and Legacy of the Man Behind EQS Bachata"

Derek Deler, is a multi-talented recording engineer & music producer also recognized as DerekVinci “The Cøde Breaker”. With decades of experience in the music industry he has created the relationships and resources to help emerging artist develop their skills as well as turn their talents into a successful music career. Derek started out as DJ specializing in Latin music and Dancehall. He quickly made a name for himself playing at local clubs, universities and block parties in the Boston area. Inspired by the Jamaican dancehall concept, he designed his sound system to deliver powerful bass that could shake the venues he played in. Naming his company "Earth Quake Sounds" (EQS) was his obvious choice. In 1995, his love for music and sound quality motivated him to pursue a degree in recording engineering at the Art Institute in downtown Boston, where he gained expertise in the technical aspects of audio engineering and production.

After completing his studies, Derek started his own live sound company and serviced the Northeastern coast of the USA, where he provided sound reinforcement to clubs, festivals and private events for over 15 years. As the chief engineer of EQS he worked with all of the Latin touring artist and bands such as Anthony Santos, La India, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Oro Solido, Fernandito Villalona, Marc Anthony, Luis Vargas, Frank Reyes, Fefita La Grande, Tito Rojas, Raulin Rodriguez and countless others. Because of his ability to mix in the recording studio his live sound mixes were noticeably better than his competition. He was well known for his attention to detail and his commitment to providing the best possible sound experience for his clients. In 1998, Derek founded two companies: EQS Management and EQS Musica. Derek quickly gained notoriety by creating a four-part harmony bachata group called "4ever”. He developed a new sound in bachata with a Billboard charting hit called “Porque Te Amo”. Thanks to Derek’s efforts, the group was able to sign to an independent record label which pave the way for them to tour the world. Soon after He began working as the production director at four of the top Latin radio stations in Massachusetts, where he helped shape the sound of the stations and was responsible for coordinating and executing live events.

He also worked as a freelance recording engineer in several studios in Massachusetts. Derek decided to start his own recording studio and began developing artist. He moved his family to Orlando Florida in 2006 where he owned and operated Bass Hit Recording Studios for five years. In addition to his work in the recording studio, Derek has also been booking and coordinating media tours and live shows for over 20 years. He has a wealth of experience and has established himself as a prominent figure in the Bachata community. He is a voting member of the Latin Grammys and attends the Latin Billboards conference every year. His commitment to learning and evolving his Company EQS Musica is his number one priority.

DerekVinci remains at the forefront of EQS Musica, driven by his passion for nurturing the growth of the Bachata community and his unwavering commitment to discovering and developing new talent worldwide. With five core artists signed to his management company, DerekVinci's current roster includes a diverse range of talents. Among them is Mr. Don, a Chilean Bachata artist with over 60 million worldwide streams, and Vinny Rivera, a rising star in the Bachata sensual genre who has toured as far as Moscow in 2022. Johnny Evidence, a prolific singer/songwriter from the Dominican Republic, is another notable addition to the team, along with several other up-and-coming young artists.

In addition to managing these artists, DerekVinci continues to produce and release high-quality Bachata music, putting out between 40 to 50 songs per year and amassing an impressive catalog of nearly 200 songs. His ability to deliver both quantity and quality sets him apart from the rest, earning him the nickname " The Code Breaker."

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