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International singer/songwriter J Salez releases new Bachata single “Solo.”

Los Angeles, CA – March 24th, 2023 - J Salez has released a new bachata single, “Solo”. This catchy single features heartfelt lyrics that address the emotions of a woman who left J Salez heartbroken in the past, only to attempt to return once he has found success.

The single is the third single released off his upcoming EP, California Love Bachata, set to be released this summer.

The accompanying music video for “Solo,” directed by Eduardo Sanchez Flores, will showcase an important message: A season of singleness done right can allow you to find the one love you need; self-love.

“Solo” is a bold record from J Salez, who proves time and time again just what a breakout artist he is, “Solo” is produced by DerekVinci “The Code Breaker” utilizing his Bachata formula with his team of musician to develop a unique sound for J Salez. “Solo” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Listeners can be sure that J Salez will continue to evolve the traditional Bachata sound while maintaining his unique style of mixing undertones of sensual R&B, Pop, and urban genres.

In addition to the single, J Salez is set to hit the stage this May, allowing music fans to experience J Salez live.

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