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We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between DerekVinci, the Executive Producer and Head of EQS Musica and El Tiguere from Island Touch, as they join forces to promote the PopiWa movement. El Tiguere says "Our mission is to unite all styles of Bachata, preserving our cultural heritage while embracing new and innovative movements and beats. Our aim is to share the soul and spirit of Bachata, rooted in the Dominican Republic, with the world now and for generations to come."

PopiWa represents the beautiful fusion of class and street styles, combining music and dance into a harmonious unity that the world has been embracing with open arms.

Together, they have created songs that have captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. One such track is "Todos," featuring Vinny Rivera, accompanied by a visually stunning music video shot in Orlando, Florida and Rome, Italy. The enchanting Bachata dancing queens, Magda y Valeria, bring their moves to the screen, elevating the song to new heights.

Another collaboration is "Toa La Noche" with the talented singer/songwriter Tony Lozano from Spain, delivering his unique style to compliment Popiwa.

The PopiWa movement extends beyond El Tiguere, as his esteemed dance colleagues, Ataca y La Alemana and Bianca, have also been creating awe-inspiring content that has garnered international acclaim. Excitingly, there are currently several songs in production, ensuring an array of music is on the horizon. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases from EQS's talented artist lineup, including Mr. Don, Jhonny Evidence, J Salez, and Johandy.

Join us in embracing the PopiWa movement and experiencing the magic that happens when music and dance come together. Stay tuned for more incredible music and performances that will continue to captivate audiences around the globe.

Thank you for your unwavering support and love for music.

Warm regards, Derek Deler Executive Producer and Head of EQS Musica

Rudi Lopez

Derek Deler

EQS Management

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