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  • Derek Deler

"Soñe Contigo” (Bachata Cover)

Hailing from Higuey, Dominican Republic—Jhonny Evidence prepares to release his most recent cover single, " Soñe Contigo,” originally performed by up and coming Cuban artist, Yakarta.

At the helm of his go-to producer and manager, Derek Deler, the young Dominican artist sings about feelings and understanding a story of incredible heartbreak, in which a man in love dreams every day of the love of his life, missing every detail of her and the moments they shared together. With his smooth and captivating voice, Jhonny tells a story many of us can relate to.

Despite the challenging year, Jhonny, with the support from his label, EQS Musica, and tireless work team has continued to release Bachata hits. For the second time, Jhonny collaborated with International DJ, “DJ Ramon” from Germany on this new release. Jhonny remains focused on his work and it definitely shows. Jhonny is looking forward to his highly anticipated tour in 2021.


Derek Deler


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